Planning your wedding photography is part of the mammoth exercise of planning your wedding

Timing Considerations

You need to think through what wedding photos you want so you can consider the length of time you will need to book a photographer. It’s easier to say “like this” sometimes than describe the picture in your head in words! with real examples, you know you are both on the same page. Then they can also save time directing you to the images they have that most suit the style of photos you like.


Do you want the preparation shots and then of both the bride and groom or just the groom. This is an important aspect to plan with your wedding photographer because he or she will have to travel between locations and the timing will be critical.


Obviously, you will want photos taken at the ceremony. If there are specific shots you want you will need to discuss these with your wedding photographer. It is best to risk looking silly or untrusting than regret missing the one shot you really wanted. To fully get the coverage of photos you want you may require two photographers and your photographer can help with advice on this.

Are you planning to have more formal wedding party shots between the ceremony and reception or for a short midday wedding and tea party reception possibly after the reception itself.


How much of the reception coverage do you require a photographer for? Do you need them to take photos for the entire length of your reception or just for your entry and the significant moments of cutting the cake and the first bridal dance?

Do you want photos of you leaving your reception to set out on your new life together? These are all things that need to be discussed with your prospective wedding photographer because many photographers have set hours of coverage included in their wedding photography packages but may charge an added hourly rate for longer weddings.

Location shots

If you would like beautiful photos in a separate location you can scope out the locale first and ask your photographer for suggestions. An important consideration your photographer can help with is travel time and lighting considerations.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens pre wedding shoot by Nathan M Photography - 1
Engagement Shoot by Nathan M Photography


There are so many different wedding photo album options that is best to visit your prospective photographers and view the different album types. Touch them, hold them, feel them and see the results of other wedding photography shoots they’ve done.

A good wedding photographer will understand your needs and have some flexibility to customize the wedding photography package to you.

Working Together

Your wedding photographer will be working closely with you so it’s important that they understand what you need and want. You do not want them to be in your face but you do want them capturing the special, quirky and beautiful moments you miss.

That can come with experience. A professional, experienced wedding photographer is best placed to give you the results you want.

View their work, meet them and decide if you like them. If you want to see how you work together try to do a deal on a pre-wedding shoot. The proof is in the pudding so to speak.

With the pre-wedding shoot, you may wish to do it sometime out from your wedding and ask upfront if there is a get out case. Especially if the shoot is included in your package if on the basis of the shoot you decide to no longer use the photographer is there a penalty cost incurred such as payment for the cost of the time for the shoot? It’s illegally to be a problem but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.